Making the Page Legible

As we get older our eyesight is one of the first indications. Fortunately, there are a few tricks on a computer that trumps paper. Although this video is out of sequence, I feel it’s an important topic in order to make working on a computer more enjoyable.

Let’s face it… everything is more enjoyable if you can actually see what’s going on.

Watch this tutorial for three different ways to increase the size of text and images on your computer letting you focus on you job, instead of what the computer (or other website) is trying to tell you.

Crib Sheet

  1. The Magnifying Glass is my favourite tool. On PC’s and Mac it’s usually found in the Accessibility Options and may need to be turned on to work. It works with software, websites, screen icons, is easy to “return” to the original size of the page… especially useful if you have multiple users of the computer.
  2. Changing your Screen Resolution. Smaller numbers mean bigger text and images. the problem is that some programs are designed to work in specific spaces, so if you reduce the size of your monitor too much, you may find that programs don’t respond as you expected — but it’s a good choice if you’re hard of seeing.
  3. Changing Browser Resolution. Is as simple as hitting Control (Mac: Cmd) and “plus sign” to increase the size of images and text, or Control (Mac: Cmd) and “minus sign” to decrease the size of images and text.
    • Usually Control (Mac: Cmd) and “zero” key will return to you 100% of the browser size.
    • Advantages include, responsive sites will respect the size change
    • You can have different scales for different tabs
      It’s easy to return to 100%… useful if you share a computer.

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