Writing Your First Post

Writing your first WordPress post is one of the most exciting elements of running a website. Once you understand how easy it is to publish your thoughts it’ll become second nature to you.

In this video, we learn the proper way to use headings, or at least the way that your article stands the best chance at being found, and a few more basics in publishing using the WordPress platform.

Crib Sheet

  1. “Save Draft” will save a copy of your work to your website without publishing it for the public to see. Use it often!
  2. Headings should be use to grade relevancy of text to your article, not for design choices.
  3. Always be sure to choose a category for your post, otherwise it will only appear on your home page.
  4. Article “tags” or better worded as keywords should be added to help search engines sort through content on your site. They’re also used by visitors to your site for the same reason.

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