The Moose

What is a Mythical Moose?

We have had the good fortune of travelling Canada’s length and breadth, but in our travels, we’ve never see a live bull moose. In Barrie, Ontario each spring when the moose were rumoured to come out to the road in Algonquin Park we’d drive back and forth along the corridor at dawn and dusk. Not one moose sighting, ever!

In frustration we went to the zoo. Peering into the moose enclosure we were unable to see any. Asking the zookeeper we were told, “Well you see over there, behind that stand of trees, kinda down in the ditch, you can sorta see the top of his antler? That’s him.” Riiiigggghhhttt!

Travelling around Newfoundland at dusk (risking our lives) we didn’t see any moose. And we did this drive four times. There are signs that say “Watch for Moose. Next 12 km, 16 km, 20 km” but we are convinced that it’s a local scam for tourists.

Commenting on this “fiddle” to the local tourism rep in St. John’s he replied “Course dare real, m’boy. Wat’dcha tink. Dare mitical or sumtin?”